We Practice the Way of Jesus.

In a surrounding culture that is easily distracted, our goal is to keep the main thing the main thing...and for us, that’s Jesus. Simply said, our focus is to practice the presence and way of Jesus in community and in our everyday lives.

The different ways we gather help equip us to practice the way of Jesus by providing authentic environments where we can grow in our faith while actively living in community and loving others.

By Growing in Faith Together

We were never meant to walk this spiritual journey alone. Because of this, we choose to do life and faith together. A few of the ways we do this include:

Sunday Gatherings

The focus of our Sunday Gatherings is practicing God’s Presence together through worship, prayer and learning from God’s Word (the Bible). Our hope is to model these practices as we gather in a way that can be replicated in our everyday lives. Learn more and plan your visit below.


Whether we are gathering at church, around a table, in a living room or over the computer–our groups help create environments where you can grow in faith, experience community and serve others. Learn more and find a group that resonates with you today. Topics and timelines vary.


One of the ways we practice together is by inviting our church family into unforced, spiritual practices and seasonal rhythms. Curious about hearing more? Check out this short video.

Serving the City & World Together

As we seek to partner with God’s work in our world both near and far, we are actively sending people on mission (both in short-term and long-term capacities) all around the world. If you are interested in serving locally or globally, would like to support others who are serving this way, or would like to be informed about serving opportunities as they arise, please click below.