Interested in Having Your Wedding at Open Door?

Congratulations, you’re getting married! We’d love to have you consider Open Door for your wedding.

The decision to host a wedding at Open Door is based on two main factors: a couple's preparedness for marriage and a connectedness to the Open Door faith community.


We offer a pre-marriage process that is required for those who seek to be married at Open Door or by an Open Door Pastor.

The process may take 6-9 months so you should plan to contact the church early. Our desire is to come around you and provide emotional and spiritual support on your journey to the commitment of marriage.


Since resources are limited (e.g. time, space, staffing), we are not able to accommodate everyone’s wedding needs. Our first priority is to those who are connected to the Open Door community of faith.

Our Marriage Application Questionnaire helps us get to know you and determine if we will be able to come alongside you in this process. If one of our pastors is able to officiate your ceremony at Open Door, then a pastor will walk you through the necessary process. If the pastoral staff discerns that a couple needs more time to prepare for marriage, we reserve the right to delay the wedding.

The Pre-Marriage Process

Please fill out and return the application. We will contact you within two weeks of receiving it.

This inventory measures your strength and growth areas as a couple. You’ll walk through the results with a Prepare certified facilitator (3-5 sessions). Most Open Door pastors are certified facilitators.

Fee: $35/couple payable online.

Meet with your officiating pastor to plan your wedding ceremony (1-2 sessions).


If you have any questions regarding the pre-marriage process or getting married at Open Door, contact Annie-Claude at her email below or call (763) 416-5887, ext 1300.