April 23, 2017

Scott Volltrauer, Guest Speaker


Description:Scott continues last week’s celebration of the “new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1 Peter 1:3, NIV). What does that new birth and living hope look like? Scott invites us to wonder together.

April 9, 2017

David Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor


Description:Palm Sunday: branches, processions, a baby donkey. And Hosanna!! Growing up participating in joyous Palm Sunday processions, most of us thought hosanna songs were another way of saying hallelujah. But hosanna means to beseech, to cry out for salvation, to plead for rescue – hosanna is such a beautiful and utterly fitting way to enter Holy Week and the journey to the Cross and Resurrection.This Sunday, Pastor David Johnson, Annika Johnson, Joel Hanson, and the worship team invite us into the Story to find ourselves in the narrative and see (again!) our own need for rescue; to encounter grace; and to hear Jesus’ invitation to follow, to be with Him in this part of the journey.

Justice Deserved; Mercy Needed

Anne-Marie Finsaas, Pastor of Formational Life


Description:Anne-Marie speaks his Sunday, letting the story of the woman caught in adultery bring us to the cross. The woman was a sinner, which Jesus indeed confronted. But she was also being sinned against – used, threatened, indeed very nearly killed by others for their own purposes; and in confronting those who would throw the stones, Jesus protected and restored her.The cross holds all of this – our need for the judgment against us to be released and our sins forgiven; and our need for healing from our own sins and the sins of others.

March 26, 2017

Tom Johnson, Missional Life Pastor


Description:We know the drill, don't we: God wants us to forgive. But how do we really get to that place where we actually do forgive? How can we truly trust God with the betrayals, the wounds, the losses, or even the inconveniences and irritations? And once I’ve done the work of forgiving, what about tomorrow, when the pain of that betrayal, loss, or wounding is still there?

An Invitation to Wilderness – Feasting and Fasting

David Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor


Description:David again takes us into the strange contradictions of the Lenten season – this week the connection between fasting and feasting. In Luke 4, we see Jesus led by the Spirit into the wilderness and fasting for 40 days. Fasting equals deprivation, right? –not doing something, not consuming something, not enjoying or participating in something. But the fasting, within the silence and solitude of the wilderness, creates a spaciousness in which to hear the Voice of God and, far from being deprived, we are able to feast on the Presence of God.

Connecting Suffering and Joy

Daviid Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor


Description:The question taking us through Lent is, “How can we, as God’s people, stay on this Lenten journey that will actually bring us to the cross?” Taylor Bongard’s answer last week: we do it together. This week, Dave takes us to the connection between suffering and joy. The biblical authors frequently linked these seemingly contradictory qualities; and followers of Jesus’ Way across the centuries have discovered the same truth, that God does not hold himself aloof from the suffering of wrecked humanity, but “for the joy set before Him” enters in – and calls us to follow.

The Story Project

Taylor Bonard, Community Life Associate


Description:On our first Sunday in this season of preparation for the coming of the cross and of resurrection, we join one another at the Table of Jesus. Taylor Bongard brings the meditation, pointing out that coming together like this is a potent reminder that we need one another as we walk out this journey.

Ash Wednesday

Kati Beasley, Guest Speaker


Description:Kati takes us into Lent, asking, What am I attached to that makes me feel safe? What am I clutching so tightly, that keeps me from the ways of Jesus? What needs to die, so that God can do what He wants in me? It’s so counter to our culture, but it’s the path Jesus walked and it’s the way into which He invites us.

The Road to Easter

Peter Kapsner, Lead Staff Pastor


Description:Peter prepares us for these next six weeks: “My hope as we turn our face towards Lent is that we can say yes to our King again and be willing to pick up that Cross while keeping the hope of the Resurrection in front of us – for there is always a hope and a future in His beautiful Kingdom.”

When it Looks Like Evil’s Winning

David Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor


Description:This Sunday Dave includes Acts 12 as context for our study in Acts 13. James had just been beheaded, Peter had been imprisoned, and it must have seemed that there was more death than life, more darkness than life, more lies than truth for these followers of Jesus. And in that environment, the people of the church at Antioch gave away their best resources, sending out Barnabas and Saul at the Spirit’s instruction.Our natural instincts typically are to hold back, clutching and hoarding resources; and Dave wonders, how do we sustain an outward focus and keep on going, sending, and hoping when it looks like evil is winning? What might nurture that kind of interior strength out of which we could let go of what we’re holding on to?

Turning Our Faces Outward

Wayne Thyren, Guest Speaker


Description:Wayne shares his story of listening and opening up to what Jesus was calling him into. Working with Timber Bay, who “seeks out the unseen kids among us who struggle the most,” Wayne was willing and ready to join Jesus in “turning his face outward.” What took him by surprise, however, was what surfaced within himself: patterns and prejudices he didn’t think he had.

Kitchen Stories

Tom Johnson, Missional Life Pastor


Description:Tom Johnson continues this coming Sunday to invite us to join our Triune God in going outward, learning more and more to live and laugh, to see and love in the joy and power of God.

What Do We See?

David Johnson and Tom Johnson


Description:Tom Johnson and David Johnson share the platform this Sunday connecting us into the Acts 13 story of listening, discerning and ultimately sending Saul and Barnabas out. God in His very nature is missional and His heart is that we would go in His Spirit's power to serve people and love them into life.

And the Holy Spirit Said

David Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor


Description:Because God is by character missional what we will hear when we listen to the Spirit will be to move outward. Regrettably, human nature resists moving outward toward others in love. But that is always God’s direction, and that’s what He desires to shape in us, catching us up to join His good and glad purposes of healing and restoration.

From Where Does Our Help Come?

David Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor


Description:The mountains were the site of altars and shrines where the Jews would sometimes stray from worship of Jehovah, instead offering sacrifices to counterfeit gods to try to ward off war, famine, and disease. We're no different – we can tend to “head for the hills” and our own counterfeit gods at the smallest threat of discomfort or disapproval. But the psalmist emphatically declares that God’s invitation is to be anchored in the reality that “my help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth.”

Quiet and Consistent, Obedience and Faith

David Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor


Description:Dave speaks this Sunday about Joseph, Mary’s fiancé. He gets only scant mention in Scripture. He wasn’t the star of the story, none of his words were recorded. Like Mary, though, he was willing to say yes to God’s invitations despite the cost.Joseph knew the story wasn’t about him; he was willing to accept his secondary role and bear the cost of obedience. This kind of faith-filled humility is worth studying and growing into.

What Mary Couldn’t See

David Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor


Description:Scripture often shows us people who are waiting. Waiting for a child. Waiting to be set free. Waiting to become king. Waiting to return from exile. Waiting for God to speak, to break in, to do something. The good news, in the waiting, is that we wait together. AS the people of God, and WITH the people of God, we wait together for the inbreakings of God.

Waiting for the God Who Comes

Anne-Marie Finsaas, Pastor of Formational Life


Description:his Sunday Anne-Marie Finsaas brings us to the second week of Advent with the reassurance that, from the moment Adam and Eve disobeyed, God has had a rescue plan and has broken into history time and again to bring restoration and wholeness. But we’re also still waiting for complete restoration. Advent, is the time that we look back to remember; and we wait together with the people of God as we look forward in both desperation and hope.

Entering Into Advent

Peter Kapsner, Lead Staff Pastor & Taylor Bongard, Next Steps


Description:Peter Kapsner and Taylor Bongard address one of our chief Advent tasks: waiting.

A Time to be Awakened

David Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor


Description:David finishes the series on sexuality, calling us to be aware of the ways we've bent into the things of this earth to try to find the life that comes only from God. The cure is to stand up straight into who it is God has called us to be which is better than we've ever imagined!

Sexuality and Samaria

David Johnson, Lead Teaching Pastor


Description:Paul’s words in 1 Thess 4:3-4, is an invitation but worded quite strongly, that “this is God’s will for you, your sanctification… that you know how to possess your own body in holiness and honor.” What does it mean to “possess my body in honor”? And how has “living in Samaria” obscured and scattered how I even think about God’s desires for wholeness in this area of sexuality?

Jesus Wept

Peggy Lang, Prayer Ministries Pastor


Description:This Sunday is our Novembering service when, as a community, we gather to remember those who are no longer among us, and to invite God into our places of grief and mourning. The context for our remembering is the Communion Table, where we come to God, and we come together, not trying to do this journey of loss and sorrow alone.

Toward Sexual Wholeness: An Invitation to God's Ways Of Delight

Peter Kapsner, Lead Staff Pastor


Description:Peter will be talking about hte diconnect we all often have, between what we believe to be true and how we actually live thngs out.

Towards Sexual Wholeness: Dropping the Stones of Condemnation

Peter Kapsner, Lead Staff Pastor


Description:Peter starts the series of sexuality with the assumption that most (probably all) of us have been deeply affected by what we ourselves have done, and what’s been done to us. He invites us to be FOR one another, which can happen only if we’re anchored in a different reality, in the unconditional love of God: “The start and center of all spiritual formation, is God’s love spoken deeply into the soul, and that can come only from God Himself.”